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Power of Decision Making!


Good decision comes from experience. 

Experience comes from making bad decisions.

Mark Twain.

Depending on the situation, the decision may be good or bad. It may be good for you but bad for someone else. But try to make fast decisions. Whether good or bad. If a decision is bad. It is o.k.  And if it turns out to be good for you. It is your pleasure.

A strong positive decsion and sticking with it makes your Life worth Living. Stay firm on your decision. Go for it and move forward in your Life. 

” Always make decisions that prioritize your inner peace. “

Izey Victoria Odiase

Your inner peace is the most valuable thing in this world for you. Opt for your inner peace and satisfaction. Self-satisfaction is key to your happiness. 
Being happy should be the aim of everyone in life. You are entitled to all the happiness in your Life.

Just because a decision hurts does not mean it was a wrong decsion. Our Life is full of disappointments at some points in our lives. Choose to decide strongly not for others but for your own good.  Your life is the result of your choice. If you do not like your life. It is time to make better choices. Remember, sometimes it is the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.
You are the person responsible for your happiness, and you are the person responsible for the decision and choice. Life of your choicelife of your dreams.

The Life of your dreams could be just 

on the other side of a few difficult decisions. 


Never make decisions based on fear. A decision must be made on hope and positivity. Be positive in life Trust God. Trust your instincts. And move forward with the power to take your inner self-guides. This is your Life. You have to make choices in life . Choose the highest priority ideas for yourself. Have faith and courage in yourself.

You have to decide 

what your highest priorities are 

and have the courage




to say no to other things.

Stephen R. Covey.

All I know is you have to decide for your own Self. Be firm. Be strong. Decide and decide.

“Every next Level of your Lifewill demand a different You.”  

Make quick decisions with deep in-depth analysis. Because you are the one who represents your destiny. Life can be unfair at times. Life is like this. But you have to grow and move forward in life. And move on and on.

Finally, I would say.

Decision is the spark that ignites action. 

Until a decision is made, nothing happens.

By ” Wilfred A. Peterson.

Life is action. So don’t be afraid to make decisions in life. Because it takes a lot of fear to make the biggest mistake, you can ever make.

The power to make strong decisions in life leads you to the secret of happiness and inner peace in your life.

-By Ananta Creative