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Logo Design is nothing but a  symbol for your business. A logo is a  unique identifier that defines your business strategies. Logo design is the foundation tool for business growth. It is not the complex art expressed in digital format, but a simple graphical representation that completely depicts the business as a whole. It is versatile in its nature. It is  basically a vector image. In layman’s language, it is the visual symbol of the idea of what the business is all about. Great logos are created for great giant business firms with just a small magical idea hidden in it.

There are a variety of Logo Designs being Designed today. And this process of designing logos as brand identity started way back in the 1870’s. Logo design is an art that has a peculiar shape and has color that represent it. And there is the magic involved in designing it. A logo can be simple, versatile, timeless, memorable, scalable.  The logo design process involves the process of research about the business, its market, and its strategies. The research involves how the logo should be designed of what the business is all about.

Logos are scalable and printable vector files that can be used on business cards, Shops, online websites, advertising, and print.  The design is a combination of text and a vector image that can be drawn in circular, rectangular, elliptical shapes, etc along with or without the text. The logo can also be simple writing or stylized text. A logo designer is a person skilled with design tips and tricks to design a logo for the business. A logo designer is responsible for a great idea behind a great logo for the business.

Logo designs that are good have some features in it. They are-

  1. Most important feature in logo design is it must be simple and unique.
  2. Good logo designs can be scaled to any height.
  3. Logo that are memorable/ timeless are one of the best logos in the world.
  4. Great Logo designs are relevant.
  5. Best logo designs are versatile.

Logo Design is the the creativity of designer and strength of a business.