Ananta Creative is a sole proprietor business organization started in 2016 in India. Ananta Creative sells logo designs, both pre-made and custom logo designs online and provides web design/development services. 

Website design and development service provided are mainly provided for small business and startups in India. Ananta creative offers budgeted prices for its services like HTML Websites or WordPress Websites.

Ananta Creative offers budgeted logo designs services. Adobe illustrator CC software is used in creating  vector files for the logo designs. Ananta Creative website has a pre-made logo design store/shop.  Ananta Creative website accept payments through Payment gateways.

Ananta means infinite or unlimited. So, Ananta Creative means infinite creativity. Ananta creative focuses on the idea behind the business while designing a logo.  Ananta creative attempts to create exclusively unique designs. Logo designs created are simple, effective logos that describes the business. And the main aim behind offerring website design and development services is client satisfaction and trust. 

Hi! My name is Shalini Sharma. I am the person behind Ananta Creative. I am post graduate in Information Technology and a graduate in computer Science. I belong to India.


I have never received formal training for any form of art, even if it is digital art with pencil sketching, water coloring or illustrator. Born as an artist by nature and techie through my academic education, I enjoy delivering best logo design and website design/development services to my valuable clients.


Through my blog I want to limit my creativity to reach the heart of readers.

Thank you all for being my creative power.