Ananta Creative set up in 2016 is a sole proprietor firm in India. Ananta Creative is about designing and selling logos online. A Logo design is a pictorial representation of the business and its strategy in vector form.  Ananta Creative creates brands for business.

Ananta Creative is open to all the ideas and designs the desired logo for business with its creative essence. There are some logo design techniques behind the design of a great Logo.

Ananta Creative provides vector files for the designs. Ananta Creative website has a logo design store/shop.  Ananta Creative website accept payments through Paypal.

Ananta means infinite or unlimited. So, Ananta Creative means infinite creativity. Designs created are unique, and the ideas and inspirations in the logo design designed by Ananta Creative are exceptional.

Ananta creative focuses on the idea behind the logo. That is what Ananta Creative is about. Ananta creative attempts to create exclusively unique designs. Logo designs creates simple, effective logos liked by all.

Hi! My name is Shalini Sharma. I am the person behind Ananta Creative. I am post graduate in Information Technology and a graduate in computer Science. I belong to India.


I have never received formal training for any form of art, even if it is digital art with pencil sketching, water coloring or illustrator. This was my mother who was a skilled artist. She was excellent in oil painting arts. I was born to be an artist. Drawing has always been fun for me. I always took part in the art and drawing competitions of my school and won the prizes. The gallery section of the Infinite Creative Website displays art photos drawn from my hand.


It was my mother’s choice that I should learn Bharatanatyam dance. Bharatanatyam dance is a South Indian ancient form of classical dance, which originated in the Indian state, Tamil Nadu. I learned this art for three years in my school days. This form of dance has been a solo dance. To learn this form of dance, there are dance training centers in India. When I first learned this form of dance then I was only 12 years old.Bharatanatyam dance was beneficial for me at that age. It helped me explore the horizons of creativity. Because dance is something that connects your body, mind and soul.


I love nature. I like to see greenery around, whether it is a garden area or my home. I love plants and care for them. My favorite are indoor plants. I like to take care of them, propagate them. They are my best friends because they always refresh my house with fresh air. I love indoor plants more than outdoor ones. Thanks to God! To create a wonderful nature


There is a deep connection between creativity and blogging. When I started writing my first blog, blogging was very new to me. Through my blog I want to limit my creativity to reach the heart of readers.

Thank you all for being my creative power.