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You were born to be REAL NOT PERFECT!-By Sangeeta Singh(GUEST BLOG)


You Were Born To Be Real Not Perfect

I am Who I Am- The way I act what others see –that’s real me.

Believe it or not you will make mistakes; believe it or not at times you will lose. The luck is learning from mistakes and then quickly focusing on the next task. Life will keep throwing challenges at you at a rapid pace and so if you are still thinking of the last challenge the one will also flatten you out. We all strive to be perfect but one should be real- true to oneself. Each one of us is gifted with one unique talent or skill. Unfortunately we never try to understand ourselves. The reservoir of the talent or skill is up to the brim but goes unnoticed. I will mention Kapil Dev who is grateful to his friend who had asked him to switch over from hockey to cricket and thus became the successful cricketer.
As you develop and strengthen a certain skill, the rest of the world including you competitors catches up with you soon. It is imperative that you keep reinventing yourself and build manners or new skills altogether to stay at top. A vision of how you want your life. So are you happy meandering through life. I picture a grazing cow that survives by just weaving her way to the next bash in search of green food day after day she can’t do it anymore and dies.
The creator you are about what you want in life .Life is an ongoing journey where each one of us tries to script life in the best possible manner. According to Andrew Carnegie People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with their mediocrity, no matter how impressive other talents are’’. We all are given life to add something to life, when you live your life with a heightened awareness you help humanity to gain few years of maturity. As humans we are continuously evolving. Our earlier self is incessantly getting outdated. We have to escalate higher branches of maturity resulting in a broader perspective of life.
The strength of the tree depends on roots. In order to evolve higher in maturity we need to grow deeper in faith. As said ‘’Faith can do miracles, what explosives can’t ‘Faith is like electricity-you cannot see but you can see the light. Faith may be beyond our comprehension. Faith transforms an ordinary vibration of thought created by the finite mind into spiritual equivalent. Faith is the only gate through which cosmic force of Infinite Intelligence can be harnessed and used by man.
The world is a perfect world but that imperfections that create magic and make us look another day to get up.It is those imperfections that bring out the best in us to aspire to perfection. Bringing out the best is an important element in human evolution. This is possible when there is imperfection. It is imperfection that has turned into one of gratitude.It is for the imperfections in me and around the world which is providing me an opportunity to strive for something better.This perfect imperfection is real me.

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Sangeeta Singh


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