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Self Control- “Its not what happens to you, but how you react to it matter”


A beautiful quote reminds us of the power of self-control.  

It is not like what happens to you, but how do you react, that means how to behave or create an idea, emotional emotions, and then react negatively to a situation. And this negative emotion can be controlled by the power of SELF CONTROL by staying positive and unaffected of the situation.

When self-control is actually developed, it helps us achieve our goals in life. What is the meaning of SELF CONTROL? Well, its dictionary meaning says “ability to control oneself, especially someone’s feelings and desires, especially in difficult situations.” And according to the definition “the ability to control oneself” defines the real you. So, Self control is nothing but our own ideas have mastered to an extent that it defines you as real. And who is this real within you? Your true self. The principles of self control fulfill your true self within you. Self control is the very essence of true self.

True self is full of numerous ideas and thoughts. Every thought generated within you has the ability to get executed by your true self or get controlled by your true self. There always is a master mind within every individual that always guides a person. And this master mind, also called inner instincts allows one to monitor our own thoughts.

Let us see what exactly is a thought? One thought is nothing but a vibration that arises in our brain. This vibration could have emotions to it. The emotion can affect us the way we react to situations. And by mastering the art of self control, we can live in a positive environment and make us happy. It is the ultimate expression of power. Our mind will create impulses of temptations which can act as obstacles in the path of success. And these impulses can be difficult to control, but can be implemented by some techniques. There are some principles or techniques related to mastering the art of self-control defined by great people in history.But before that, lets focus on the dictionary meaning of self Control once again. When we see the definition, we come to know about controlling of emotions and desires. Now what do we understand by the term desires?


Dictionary meaning of Desire as defined is-“a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.” When we wish for something, a vibratory force is generated in the mind. This vibratory force is nothing but the thought of wish. If it carries adequate emotional energy, it has power to get manifested as its physical equivalent. If the desired person has strong belief, faith and ability to accept what is desired, the desire then carries with it the required positive energy to match the frequency of its physical equivalent. And the desire is manifested.


Desires can be beneficial or unbeneficial to our own self. Lets categorize desires. Desires can be categorized into two type-One beneficial i.e positive ones that are targeting the goals in life, compelling a person to remain in the path aligned to achieve success, till it is achieved. Second unbeneficial-Acting as negative ones acting in form of temptations, negative impulses, blockages and hindrances to the path of success and leading ones to failures. By the power of our self control if we come successful in monitoring the power of positive desires and control are negative emotions like fear, anger, hatred, jealousy etc. We try to kind of generate a reservoir of positive emotions and energy directing our mind to stay positive in the path of our success goal.


The path of self control process has a large role  in achieving  goals in our life. The first step in the path of self control is that we remain positive towards the environment free from doubts, fears, etc. and the power gives us positive energy is the power of SELF CONTROL. Self Control is nothing but the power to direct our mind to stay connected with positive energy. And once we learn the power to connect with our positive self, then we exploit positive energy from within. It maintains our potential of positive power self control. And once our emotions are aligned along with positive self. The infinite energy of Cosmos helps us to manifest what we want. And we achieve our GOALS. And this whole process is time bound.


In our journey of harnessing SELF CONTROL, time management plays an important ROLE. If we study the graph of our improvement with time, it helps us boost positive strength. If we fix time span and monitor our growth, we make it easier for us to achieve our goals easier. We could study in how much time span we could access the power of positive thinking and how much more time span we can fix for our own selves for our own improvement. Time in life is the most important and important factor in LIFE. We are tied in daily life by time. The sincerity and the intensity of efforts should be your focus. And the intensity of the integrity and efforts made by you within a time period are of great importance.

Let us consider what psychologists say about self control. Psychologists have defined self-control as a cognitive process that is necessary to regulate a person’s behavioral patterns that can achieve specific goals in his or her life.

In general, the behavior of a person is made over the years, so changing one’s behavior overnight is not easy. Behaviour is the pattern formed in one’s mind over span of time. It requires specific training of mind forming new patterns of behaviour in our minds. When we remain focused to our behaviour and monitor our thoughts, emotions and feelings regularly. Target ourselves to a strict Plan of action. Stay positive, focused and attentive. We develop the ability to harness the energy within, the power within. And this power further helps us to control our negative emotions, our temptations and impulses.

It is difficult to handle all negative emotions in reality. Therefore, we must set goals that are difficult and seem impossible for us, and should work towards achieving them. Regardless of how many times we fail. But we try one more time and keep on trying until we achieve our goals. It means controlling negative emotions, aligning positive emotions, focusing on them. We must have strong faith in our efforts, after trying, we will certainly master the art of SELF CONTROL.

So, Self Control is like a muscle in our body. The more we use it, the better it becomes stronger and stronger. So, let us practice it every day to help improve and achieve whatever we want in our life. Therefore, Self Control is the art that helps us achieve success in our lives.

SELF CONTROL is the tool when it is exercised for improvement of our own self, it leads us to the path of SUCCESS. By developing your mind power you create your true self, in other words, you create SUCCESS. This journey of self control gives us satisfaction and happiness, which is much more than the success. You have mastered the art of self control which is impossible for you in your accomplishment list. In all, this journey makes you calm and happy in your life. And you become a whole new person as a whole.

I want to conclude with the beautiful lines by famous british poet in our history, in the poem INVINCIBLE. In the last  lines of the poem he defined the power of an individual. –


It means one has ability to master his true self by the power of his positive thoughts.

“I can master the art of SELF CONTROL on my own wish and I can achieve success in Life.”


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